Did you know that the second leading cause of house fires are a result of improper dryer vent maintenance? We must ask, when was the last time you performed a dryer vent cleaning in your home? According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 15,000 house fires are reported each year, all in which could have been prevented with proper maintenance and vent cleaning. Improper installations also pose a great risk of fire. Regular maintenance, however, will help reduce that risk while also reducing energy costs and drying times. So, what are some other dangers, aside from the risk of fire, in which you should be aware of when it comes to leaving your dryer exhausts unchecked?


Failing to make dryer vent cleaning a habit ensures premature equipment failure. The less serious you take vent cleaning, the more serious the possible damage and unnecessary strain you’re placing on your equipment. The excess heat from the build-up of lint kills power, and that’s with every appliance out there. With your dryer overheating due to lint build-up, you may also find yourself with a high utility bill.


Let’s face it, dirty areas attracts bugs. Same applies for your dryer vent. A dirty dryer vent attracts pests because as lint deposits float around, it creates a plentiful environment for them to thrive. Rodents find them cozy and the humidity due to the trapped moisture attracts ants and termites.


Have you noticed an increase in the amount of time it takes to dry your clothes?

A dryer’s job is to expunge the moist air, allowing your clothes to dry, but when the exhaust vent is blocked by lint, that moisture won’t be able to expel. It becomes trapped inside the dryer drum, which requires more time and heat for your clothes to dry.

Are your clothes scorching hot to the touch?

They’re supposed to be, you may believe. But contrary to popular belief, if your clothes are coming out of the dryer, blazing to the touch, your dryer isn’t exhausting through its vent properly. In fact, it is a sign that it is overheating.

Is something burning?

Without regular vent cleaning, lint builds up, so that bundle that’s pocketed into your dryer vent is a flammable gathering waiting to claim your home, threatening your mortality.

Does your vent hood open?

If it doesn’t, there may be lint built up in the hood and dryer hose. You can either clean this out yourself, or have a professional, like us, take care of it for you. If you regularly perform a dryer vent cleaning, yet lint still excessively builds up in the duct, or hose, or vent, then it is possible that your dryer has been improperly installed. If you are finding that your clothes are coming out with your pet’s grit and hair, then that is also a sure sign that you should perform a vent cleaning.


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