Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

It’s just common sense. The more you use your dryer, the more frequently you’ll need to clean your dryer vents. Dirt, dust, grime, and lint will build up inside of them. As the build-up increases, the dryer will need to work harder to push the air the clogged vents. This will cause an increase in your electric bills too.

Cause a Fire?

In addition to increasing the costs of running your dryer, it will also become a fire hazard to your home. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, dryers and washing machines cause an average of 15,970 fires each year, with dryers causing 92% of them. The unfortunate result are hundreds of injuries and $238 million in property damage. This was reported by Germania Insurance in July of 2020.

Stay Safe with Our Services

Our team at All Around Home Care can come to your and safely and effectively clean your dryer vents. Save yourself the time, effort, and cost of buying the tools needed for the job. Dwaine and the team at All Around Home Care have been providing high-quality, affordable dryer vent cleaning in SWFL for 16 years. We service all of Collier and Lee counties as well as Punta Gorda. Call us or fill in a contact form for your free quote.

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