Dryer Vent Repair

Dryer Vent Repair

How many times have you looked at your dryer vent? How do you know if your dryer vent needs repair? There are 5 signs that you can look for to know if your Dryer vent needs to be repaired.

The 5 Symptoms of Needing Dryer Vent Repair

1. It becomes humid in the laundry only when the dryer is running. This is a very important symptom that your vent may be disconnected or broken.
2. Items around the dryer vent are very “linty”. Instead of sending the lint out of the vent, your dryer is venting the lint in your laundry room. This also is a symptom of a disconnected or broken vent.
3. Your clothes are coming out of the dryer damp. They are not getting as dry as they used to. Unlike the two examples above this is a symptom of a different problem. If your vent is blocked or closed, then damp air can’t escape, and therefore, your clothes won’t dry. Look to see if your vent is bent, clamped closed, or crushed. It could be that you need your dryer vent cleaned, not repaired.
4. When you look, and it’s possible, you may find no dryer vent there at all. It has happened to people before. Perhaps it was removed to put in a new dryer, and they forgot to replace it. Perhaps the person was new and, in addition, didn’t know the proper procedure. If you don’t have your vent, call All Around Home Care immediately and they will correct your problem immediately and completely.
5. The easiest is the extremely damaged dryer vent you can see by looking behind the dryer. Using a flashlight do you see a rip in the vent, maybe it’s crushed, disconnected, crumpled. Then it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. You want to have it fixed before it can cause damage to your dryer or your home.

Dwaine and the team at All Around Home Care have been providing high-quality, affordable dryer vent repair in SWFL for 16 years. We service all of Collier and Lee counties as well as Punta Gorda. Call us at (239) 424-0019 or fill in a contact form to get your free quote.

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