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Many people, myself included, see their home and surroundings every day and don't see what it looks like to other people.  Since we see it daily we don't always notice the greenish tinge on the side of the home, the darkening of the slate, bricks, roof. And really, who notices their driveway needs to be cleaned??  But if you look at these before and after photos from our projects you will see the potential in your own home.

If you are entertaining, don't you want it to be as beautiful as it can? Do you really think you need repairs and replacement? Not if it hasn't been cleaned lately. Look especially at our Wooden Lanai project.  The wood looked like it needed to be completely replaced. No, it just needed a good cleaning.  Are you looking to sell you home like so many in SWFL? You will want to make it as beautiful as possible and increase the curb appeal to get the best price.

As I said before, you don't really notice these problems until you see it through someone else's eyes. We all have Pride in our Owner ship of our home. Show yours by making certain it looks it's very best!


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